Cascade Challenge Pt 2

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Well, a really long time ago I finished the Cascade Complete Challenge with the freebies sent to me by MyBlogSpark and P&G.  Real life, as usual, got in the way, so I am just now posting my results: Cascade Complete was successful!!

I put a nasty, dried, crusty pan with cheese sauce and dessicated bits of pasta stuck to the inside on my counter overnight and left it – no rinsing, no soaking, no scrubbing.  The next evening I put it in the dishwasher with my regular dishes and used one of the Cascade Complete pouches.  The pan came out with one tiny piece of dried pasta still stuck to it.  Everything else was gone!  I showed my hubby and he couldn’t believe it.

We have been using the rest of the bag of Cascade Complete and have found another minor miracle as well.  We use clear plastic Tervis Tumblers for our drinks at home, and we are HUGE tea/coffee drinkers.  Over the years our cups have gotten stained from the tea and coffee.  Well, after a few trips through the dishwasher with the Cascade Complete, they are clear again!  They look like new.  🙂  And we haven’t been using Jet-Dry with them, either.  Cascade Complete does cost a little more, but not having to buy Jet-Dry to go with it helps balance the cost.  Then you just have to decide whether the time and effort you save is enough to make up the difference!

If you don’t have time or energy to pre-rinse dishes before they go into the washer (or if you just don’t think you should have to wash the dishes before you wash the dishes), I highly recommend Cascade Complete.


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