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Another freebie through MyBlogSpark

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This one is from MyBlogSpark and General Mills.  It seems General Mills is trying to cahgne their reputation when it comes to kid’s cereals.  To that end, they have reduced the sugar and upped the vitamins in their four main offerings:  Cinnamon Toast Crunch, Cocoa Puffs, Trix, and Lucky Charms.  And of course all Big G cereals have at least 8 grams of whole grain.  General Mills kindly sent me 4 free product coupons, of which I have so far only used one.  We usually don’t eat sugary cereals, but I decided to give these new, improved varieities a try.

My son was so excited to get to bring home one of the kid varieties he almost couldn’t choose, but he finally settled on Cocoa Puffs.  He ate less than one bowl.  Go figure, he doesn’t like them!  I guess the early training shows, and he is just not accustomed to eating cereal that tastes like candy.  I’m not complaining.  We did try Fruity Cheerios too, since I know he likes regular and Honey Nut Cheerios, but with the same result.  I think I am going to give it one more shot to use up my coupons with Cinnamon Toast Crunch (I have been told it is not as sweet), before I congratulate myself on having implanted at least one healthy eating habit into my 6 year old and move on.

For those of you who have normal children who want the sweet stuff, while I still wouldn’t recommend it as a daily thing, this new healthification effort from General Mills does make it ok to indulge them sometimes.

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Ok, so I have significantly missed my goal

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of eating a can of soup and reviewing it every day.  What can I say, I’ve been busy.  But I have eaten a soup every day that I have been home for lunch and have so far sampled 12 out of 15 soups.  I’m not going to review each one independently, but I’ll give you the highlights.  The only one I haven’t cared for so far is the Manhattan Clam Chowder.  I have never been a big fan of clams, so part of it is just me, but I also thought it wasn’t seasoned well.  The broth tasted like tomato juice, and the vegetables were mushy, and the clams were chewy.  All in all, nothing to recommend it.

There were a couple of varieties that I liked, but not as much as I could have.  These were mainly the ones that had beef, especially the Italian Meatball.  The broth was flavorful, the vegetables and pasta were perfectly cooked, and there was an adequate supply of the meatballs, but they were dense, flavorless little balls of meat.  They could have been a lot bigger and a lot better seasoned.  I personally like big, fluffy meatballs that fall apart a bit in the soup.  The varieties with pieces of steak in them were a little better, but there still wasn’t much beefy taste, although again the rest of the soup was great.

The vegetable soups have all been excellent, as have the chicken varieties.  My favorites have been the Southwestern Vegetable – nice and spicy – and the French Onion – excellent sweet onion flavor.  And best of all, both soups have so few calories that I ate the whole can and still had to add extras to bring the meal up to my 200 calorie goal.  I crumbled a few tortilla chips on top of the Southwestern Vegetable, and added half a whole wheat biscuit and a slice of reduced fat cheese to the French Onion.

And the absolute best of all was the Chicken and Barley.  It was the best canned soup I have ever eaten – thick and rich, very filling, and with excellent flavor.  It needed nothing added and kept me satisfied for hours.

Thanks again to Progresso and MyBlogSpark for having me try out these soups – I hope you enjoy them too!

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Another product sample from MyBlogSpark and Progresso!

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As if the last one wasn’t great enough!  This time I received 15 different flavors of Progresso’s light soups to try, along with a very cute soup mug and a digital jumprope.  The jumprope is totally awesome – it keeps track of how many jumps you’ve done, plus it will calculate how far you have jumped in both miles and kilometers, and how many calories you’ve burned doing it.  Sadly, I’m terrible at jumping rope, but it counts my feeble 1-2 jump attempts and tallies a total even though I trip over the rope a lot.  I managed a total of 30 jumps on my trial run this morning, for a total of 0 miles, 0 km, and 1 calorie.  Hey, it’s a start.

On a more positive note, I just ate the Chicken and Dumpling soup as an early lunch.  It was wonderful!  There was a decent amount of vegetables and dumplings, although not as much chicken as I might have liked, and the broth was very flavorful.  The whole can fit conveniently into the soup mug that came with the soups (although the can holds 2 servings, and technically a person should only eat 1 serving – just saying, Progresso, you’re undermining my portion control efforts here!) and 2 minutes in the microwave got it to just the right temperature.  Even though I ate both servings instead of 1, my caloric total was only 160 calories, since it is 80 calories per serving.  If I wanted to have a slice of bread or some fruit or cheese to go with it I would only eat 1 serving so that my calorie total would still be in the right ballpark.

Over the next 2 weeks I will eat a soup a day, and I’ll keep posting about each one as I eat it.  I made a cool video of all my loot from the sample pack after I unpacked it, but sadly WordPress doesn’t support any of the video formats I can figure out how to convert it to.  If I work it out, I’ll post it later.

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