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Adventures in Grocery Shopping

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I have recently started couponing to try to save money on groceries.  It is actually tougher than I thought it would be, because to get the best deals you have to really watch sales and combine them with coupons.  I am starting to get the hang of it though – I actually saved more than I spent this week.  I got a little over $130 in groceries for $65.06!  I didn’t buy any meat this week since we are pretty well stocked there, but I did buy a lot of produce and filled out the snack drawer, and the rice and canned goods.  I have been following several couponing blogs for tips to help get started – my favorites are I Heart Publix, Money Saving Mom, and Thrifty Florida Mama.  None are in my area, so the deals are a little different, and two of the three aren’t in Florida and have posts about grocery stores I have never even heard of, but they still have a lot of good info and links to printable coupons.  So for anyone who needs (or just wants) to save money and has about an hour a week to spend on meal and grocery trip planning, these websites will help you get started!

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Betty Crocker magazine cover

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I got to vote on another Betty Crocker magazine cover yesterday – this one was for the Christmas cookie edition that will come out in November.  They had some awesome looking cookies, and the information pack they sent along with the potential covers talked about some truly yummy sounding recipes.  None of them waistline friendly, of course, but we are talking about Christmas cookies here.  And brownies.  They had a best of brownie recipe section too.  I love brownies.  Yummmmmm….sorry, I got distracted.  Anyway, here is the cover I voted for:


Pretty, huh?  Keep an eye out for this magazine in a few months!

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Adventures on Safari

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Yep, that’s right.  Safari.  We found a safari parkin Pine Mountain, Georgia (which is located square in the middle of nowhere) and did a weekend trip with the grandparents a few weeks ago.  We had a blast!  It is the kind of park where you drive through and the animals are roaming about, most of them coming up to cars and harassing people for food – only the approved food you buy from the park though, you don’t want to make the animals sick!  There were several different varieties of cattle, buffalo, deer, and pigs, as well as zebras, giraffes, and other more exotic animals.  The park has vans available to rent for the drive starting at about $7, which I highly recommend.  You can take your own car if you want, but the animals REALLY get up close and personal, and as the sign at the rental stand says – renting a small van is cheaper than a good car wash.  Also, the rental vans have bars across the windows (at least in the back) which can come in handy when a large smelly creature is in search of a tasty treat you are holding back for the next animal!

There is also a more zoo-like section where you can see potentially dangerous animals in pens and cages.  They had monkeys, alligators, rhinos, bears, lions, tigers, even ligers (half lion, half tiger, and absolutely huge)! 

Some of the animals look a little worse for wear, and we were disappointed with the reptile show, which consisted of one iguana on a leash.  Otherwise we had a fabulous time!  Here are some of the pics from our adventure:

safari park 130

safari park 132

safari park 143

safari park 164safari park 146

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A Handy Kitchen Tip…

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I am the worst egg-cracker EVER!  I get little pieces of shell in stuff all the time, and as you probably know, they are not easy to get out!  I was bog surfing today and ran across this great tip for how to get those nasty little pieces of eggshell out much more easily by using the big part of the eggshell.  I haven’t tried it yet, but you can be sure I’ll have the chance next time I make a frittata.

I also clicked through and checked out this recipe site, which looks pretty good – although I didn’t see a lot of nutiritonal info, so I don’t know how healthy the recipes are.

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