Adventures at the Fair

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I must be getting old.  That is the only explanation I can find for my experience at the county fair this year.  I remember the fair being great fun, with lots of exciting rides and games, tons of greasy food you can’t get anywhere else, and the opportunity to run amuck with friends.

Well, this year I went with my hubby and son, and it was not the way I remembered it.  For one thing, I didn’t eat any fair food.  I’m on a diet, but even if I wasn’t, everything I looked at just screamed indigestion.  Also, I was too big for most of the kid rides (even if I didn’t get motion sick), and the adult rides were way too crazy for me.  I have never wanted to be strapped in to a contraption that would flip me upside down 40 feet from the ground (and the motion sickness thing doesn’t help, of course).  And instead of running amuck, I was trying to heard kids and keep them from running amuck.  My overall impression of the fair this year was that it was too loud and too bright, and it gave me a bit of a headache.

Despite all that, I did have fun watching my little guy – he was having a great time with some of his friends.  And hubby had a good time, too, going on some of the rides with them.  They seemed to especially enjoy bumper cars (not surprising to anyone who knows either of them!).  So here are some pics from the county fair:

pic-0045Hubby and son going down a giant slide.

pic-0053pic-0050Hubby and son at the bumper cars.

BTW, the garden is in fact finished and planted.  It isn’t pretty, but it should keep the rabbits that roam our property out.  We had our first shoots come up yesterday – I think they are radishes.  (In retrospect, I should have put little signs or something so I could remember what we put where.)  I will try to post some pics of it soon.

As a random side note, hubby and I were discussing whether to use amok or amuck above.  We concluded that while both are found in the dictionary with the same definition, in my head at least amok has the connotation of an actual murderous frenzy, whereas amuck has the connotation of young people or children getting into stuff and in general not being very smart.  If anyone has any thoughts on the matter, feel free to weigh in.  (Yes, we’re nerds.  We’re ok with that.)


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