Set backs

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Well, the garden project is taking a bit longer than anticipated.  I wound up having to predrill the holes for the screws, because my power screwdriver would not push them through a 1/2 sheet of plywood AND a 2×4.  So I’m predrilling, and the bit slips loose from the drill/screwdriver (do you call it a drill while drilling and a power screwdriver while screwdriving?) and gets stuck in the board!  I did eventually get it loose, but it cost me about 15 minutes.  My little guy was right there with me of course, so only nice words allowed – yet another parental challenge!  I finally got everything all worked out, and the first side of the first box all assembled, when my power drill/screwdriver (henceforth known as the power thingy)  ran out of juice.  I guess it needed more than an hour to charge. 😉

Never fear though, we will get back to work tomorrow right after math.  (We have put all other lessons on hold while we build the garden since we are ahead of schedule in everything else anyway.)  I’ll try to remember to take pics tomorrow.

Oh, and I did weigh in today, but no weight loss to report (I’m retaining water like crazy right now, so I’m just glad I didn’t gain anything!).  I did have my first behavior modification class today.  We talked about building support networks to help us meet our weight loss goals, and about recognizing negative influences – you know, the friend/spouse/significant other who feels threatened by the changes in your life and so tries to sabotage you to maintain the staus quo.  I also got my workbook, so I have homework to do before next week’s group on setting goals.


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