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And welcome to my new blog chronicling my adventures since becoming a stay at home mom.  I plan to use this blog as a journal, but I hope that others will benefit from it – learn from my mistakes!  I am learning to homeschool a gifted child, which involves a lot of trial and error.  I am also learning to be a housewife, which is new to me because I have worked full time since I finished school, and worked part-time while I was in school.

Anyway, today I am researching curriculums for next year in homeschool.  My son is 5, but we are finishing up 1st grade now, so he is a bit ahead.  He is reading at a 2nd grade level already, and I take him to media nights at the public school near our home, when they allow homeschool students to come in and use the library resources.  He checks out books each week, then the next week he takes a test on the each book, and his scores are recorded in the school’s computer system.  It has been a great way to get independent confirmation that he is working at that level.  (I have found a lot of people assume that I am exaggerating his abilities because I’m his mom and, admittedly, a bit biased.)

Anyway, I am happy with the program we have been using for language arts and history, but I think he is ready for more challenge in math and science.  We are using Saxon Math 1 this year, and while it is a good program and has built a solid foundation, he gets frustrated with the amount of repetition and how slowly the program moves.  I have supplemented with extra worksheets and flash cards at a higher level, but I think he just needs a math program that moves faster.  So far I have not found what I am looking for, but when I do, I will post it here.

Actually, I will post our entire curriculum for this year and for next year too (once I figure it out) in case anyone is looking for a curriculum guide.  There are lots of websites out there with good info for homeschoolers too.  I will work on posting some of them to my blogroll also.  Right now though we have to get ready to go – we have haircuts today!


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